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We sell fuel and propane, as well as providing heating installations, and 24/7 service to people and businesses all over the North Country.



Energy Savings Tips
1. Keep your heating system in top order with annual or seasonal maintenance services.
2. Keep the damper on your fireplace closed except when in use.
3. Use weather-stripping around leaky doors and windows. Caulk around windows to improve the seal.
4. Open drapes or shades on windows on sunny days to bring in the warmth of the sun; close them at night to hold the heat in.
5. Insulation – in the attic, the basement, in walls – is vital for efficient heating and cooling.
6. Insulate your water heater to help maintain a steady temperature. It will take less time to heat up water for use.
7. Remove air conditioning window units or cover them well.
8. Keep radiators free of dust for peak efficiency.
9. Avoid using space heaters; they are expensive to operate, and can be dangerous too.

Should I worry about Carbon Monoxide Poisoning?

It's odorless, silent and can be very deadly... Click here for more information

Is my Tank safe?

  • We do tank inspections for new customers at no charge
  • Below is a quick checklist you can do to keep your oil or propane tank in peak condition. Look but don’t touch! Call one of our experienced technicians if you have concerns about tank safety.
    • Check for rust or leakage around the tank.
    • Make sure the tank is well-supported on a level surface, at least 6 inches off the ground.
    • Does your tank gauge work properly?
    • The oil tank should be at least 5 feet from the burner or other sources of fire or flame.
    • Is there evidence of excessive external corrosion? If so, your tank may need to be replaced.
    • Hurricane Preparation, Recovery, and Safety Tips...Click here

How can I ensure that my heating equipment is in good shape?

• Call our experienced technicians for an annual tune up with an efficiency test.

What is the whistling noise while the tank is being refilled?

• The vent and whistle on a fill pipe tells the driver when to stop filling. When the whistle stops, the driver shuts off the hose. This helps prevent spills.

Do I need to be home for deliveries?

• No; the driver just needs to have access to the fill pipe.

Will you deliver more oil if I am on automatic delivery?

• We try to maximize the deliveries. 160-180 gals in a standard 275 gal oil tank

When I tap my oil tank it echoes; does that mean I need more oil?

• No.

What can I do to help delivery to my home or business in bad weather?

• Keep the driveway plowed and sanded, and a path cleared to the fill pipe.

Should I stick a match in the furnace if it doesn’t light?

• No! This is very dangerous.

Why should I have my furnaces serviced annually?

• To keep the system running efficiently

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