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Before fall arrives, tuning-up your heating system will let you rest assured that it will run optimally during the heating season. A tune-up by our expert service technician yields many benefits, including:

  • A heating system that operates efficiently. A tune-up means making sure that your heating system is working efficiently, therefore, providing the same satisfying warmth by burning less fuel. A heating system working at its highest efficiency conserves energy and helps the environment.
  • Saving money on energy bills. By reducing the amount of fuel your heating system uses to heat the home, you'll be saving money as well! A tune-up means up to 5% off your annual energy bills.
  • Preventive maintenance. When our skilled, trained professional comes to your home to perform the tune-up, he will be looking for problems with your heating system before they become costly out of pocket repairs.

The Stiles Oil Tune-Up Consists of the Following Steps:

1. Vacuuming and cleaning all heating surfaces within the furnace or boiler.
2. Examining the smoke pipe for rigidity, air-tightness and signs of deterioration. If a new pipe is needed, we replace it. If it is partially plugged, we clear it using a vacuum cleaner and make certain that the stack control is rigidly mounted.
3. Examining the chimney for plugging. If the chimney needs cleaning, we bring this to your attention.
4. Installing a new fuel oil filter and gasket.
5. Installing a new fuel oil pump strainer and gasket.
6. Inspecting the entire heating system and sealing any leaks found.
7. Removing the drawer of the gun-tube assembly from the oil burner and wiping it clean. At the same time, we clean the burner's blower wheel and air inlet ports.
8. Replacing the burner's atomizing nozzle.

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