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Products | Three Reasons System 2000 Saves Energy and Runs Quiet!

EnergyYour home is no doubt your primary investment. Installing or re-placing its heating system is an opportunity to improve your investment and save money. Take a few minutes to learn why System 2000 is the right choice no matter what style of home you own.

How Much Hot Water Do We Use?

Believe it or not, an average family of 4 may use up to 64 gallons of hot water every day – baths, laundry, dish washer, and so forth – that can frequently be more than a standard boiler can produce.

But System 2000 makes as much as 8 times more hot water than an electric water heater and 3-4 times more than a typical gas hot water heater. Since heating water is typically 1/3 of the heating cost for a home, it is very important to make it as efficient as possible.

System 2000 provides abundant hot water at significant savings. Because System 2000 is an integrated* system, it can produce tremendous amounts of hote water for far less cost than conventional boilers. System 2000 does t his by combining three high performance components:

• A high capacity hot water storage tank
• A low mass high efficiency boiler to produce more hot water/hour
• A stainelss steel hot water heat exchanger

* Integrated? System 2000 does not have a separate water heater – producing all heat needed to warm living spaces and providing hot water requirements in one integrated unit.

Digitial Energy Manager
• Automatic operation – no need to set or adjust complicated programs
• Monitors and controls System 2000 for peak heat and hot water efficiency
• Matches energy usage to the exact requirements of your home
• Allows priority for hot water
• Energy Recovery Cycle™ makes sure no heat is left wasted in the boiler, saving fuel dollars
• Hot water plus 4 zones standard setup (10 and 15 zones optional)

High Performance Domestic Hot Water System
• Heavily insulated storage tank provides ready supply of hot water
• Advanced technology stainless steel heat exchanger recognized worldwide for most cost-effective and efficient heat transfer
• Integrated design works seamlessly with the Digital Energy Manager to provide maximum recovery and efficiency
• Unique stratified storage for improved water quality
• Optional tanks for individualized water requirements

Unique, Patented Spiral Boiler Design
• 10 feet of energy absorbing flue passages
• Ultra low mass design contains only 2.5 galls of water
• 1/3 the mass of typical systems
• Specifically formulated steel boiler is a gasketless one-piece construction designed to las the life of your home
• 20-50 times the insulation used on conventional boilers
• Special silent burner enclosure makes System 2000 more quiet than a microwave oven
• Outside combustion air connection – doesn’t steal heated air from your home and eliminates drafts

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